Eye candy (hbtu) episode


Eye candy is surprisingly a good show. I did not think it would be as good as it as the main character was Victoria Justice and this is not something that she has done so far. As i also watch the show stalker which is a CBS show I thought that they were both pretty similar. I would distinguish between the two saying while ‘Stalker’ is more of a grown up show as it focus on adults. Eye candy is something for the ages of 19 and over, its much more focused on a younger adult as it has a slight college feel with the party scene and drinking.

So this week episode was interesting to say the least, finally Lindy (Victoria Justice) and Tommy (Casey Deidrick) seem to be getting along, however I have a suspicion that Tommy is developing feelings for Lindy. That has got to be awkward considering that Ben, Lindy ex boyfriend, who she kind of got back with (their relationship was complicated) who is now deceased is Tommy’s best friend ( talk about drama). We also get to see another side of Lindy in this episode.

Gone is the heartbroken girl and replaced with someone who is angry and can fight. Connor ( John Garet Stoker) appears to be the person that Lindy is pissed of at. IMG_6717

While at risk of losing he’s job if he does not hand in a story that meets he’s boss requirements. Connor decides to write about the murders that have been happening. It is safe to say that everyone is pissed off at Connor, I wonder if Sophia or Lindy will forgive Connor considering that he is not apologetic for what he has done.

One character that I found entertaining was George, it was nice to finally see him away from the computer, not only did he help Lindy break into one of the victims apartment, but who knew he could also dance.

One thing that I love about the show is that just whenever you think that the suspect is the actual killer your wrong, which make me keep watching the show to find out who the person actually is. Just when it seems as though Jake has drugged Lindy it turns out he is actually innocent.

So far it looks like a good show, but who knows.

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