The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 10 Review

The Mysteries of Laura is one of my favourite detective shows. The show is about a NYPD homicide detective who has to work with her ex-husband who in the first season was her captain. However in the second season he’s now working as a detective who happens to be Laura partner. While the show is great I can’t help but miss ‘Will and Grace’ (inserts sad face).

While Laura is trying to find out who killed a perfume mogul in this week’s episode, she is still having a hard time in deciding if she either wants to be with Tony or Jake her ex-husband. While Tony is a great guy she still has unresolved feelings for Jake. Jake still has feelings for Laura, and has changed in hopes to get Laura back. When Billy accidentally slips and informs him that Laura has told their children that she is in a relationship with Tony he is hurt and now wants to concentrate on he’s career.

The murder suspect so far points to John Dunham who is the son of the perfume mogul; however Laura does not believe he is the murderer even though some of the evidence does point to him. The episode ends with John breaking into Laura’s house and is holding her at gunpoint. We are left wondering what will happen to her next week.

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