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Suicide Squad Review

After hearing about the negative reviews Suicide Squad had I was a bit worried as I thought I wouldn’t like it. In my opinion, I thought ‘Suicide Squad’ was a good movie. I’m slightly confused as to why there are so many negative reviews. The movie had loads of action and comedy elements with a few sad scenes. I think the reason the movie may have had negative review could have been because the actors involved are well-known, so people had high expectations. I’ve watched the movie twice and I still thought it was great.

I thought the plot line was great, I loved Harley’s and the Joker’s relationship. I loved how he would do just about anything to get Harley back. Will Smith was right Margot Robbie and Jared Leto did have great chemistry. Jared Leto did a great job as the Joker, I know a few thought that it was a big job to fill in especially after Heath Ledger’s performance. But I thought both versions of the Joker were great as we got to see different perspectives of the Joker. Margot Robbie performance in the movie was great I liked seeing the different sides to her character. We saw that she was not fearless and psychotic in the beginning, but changed later on.

I thought the cast choice was great. I loved Viola Davis as Amanda Waller you couldn’t tell in the beginning if she was evil or not. Although she did give some subtle hints that we really shouldn’t trust her, an example is when Harley asked her “Are you the devil?” She replied with “Maybe.”. At the time I thought it was a joke, but towards the end, I figured she was half-joking and half being serious. Will Smith scene with his daughter at the end was heart-warming, it was good to see as we were so used to him being a heartless killer.

Cara Delevingne role as Dr June Moone and Enchantress although it was not entirely all bad it could have also been a lot better. At times her acting felt a bit unbelievable, especially in the scenes after Enchantress had possessed her body and she was herself again. I did not fully believe that she was genuinely upset. I don’t believe that she can act as well as she thinks. Not all models can transition from a model to an Actress straight away it takes trial and error.

The only major issues I had with the movie was that there were some scenes that was confusing. But overall I thought the movie was good.

I would rate it a 7/10.

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Scorpion Season 2 episode 1 Review

 After months of waiting, I am super exited to see that Scorpion has finally returned to our screens. Now all that we are left is wondering what is going on between Paige and Walter. My favourite scene was probably when Walter asked Paige to send the space coordinates to his laptop, and she accidentally sent it to the laptop that had the hospital footage of her kissing him while he was unconscious in the hospital (Awkward much!!). Is it me or was this episode filled with sexual tension.
 In this episode the team is faced with a nuclear crisis, where the team are rushing to save millions of people before it is too late. This episode also marks the first that we see the vulnerable side of Walter. Usually he is somewhat calm and collected, but in this episode he doesn’t want to let his team down. We also find out why Happy does not want to be with Toby.I only hope that they can sort out their issues and we see some romance being bloomed,

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Taken 3 

Glad to see that the story line for this movie does not involve Bryan (Liam Neeson) ex-wife and daughter being kidnapped. The movie was a bit sad as it focused on Bryan trying to prove he’s innocence in he’s wife death. When I had originally heard there was going to be a taken 3, I thought why would they do that the second one was not as great as the first one. The third instalment is going to be crap.

However I was pleasantly surprised, it was way better than the second movie. I would give this movie a 8.5/10. Love the action pack going on and the storyline which showcased Bryan trying to find out he’s wife killer and Kim (Maggie Grace) finding out that she is pregnant. I was showed that the ex wife would end up dying which is something that I like in a movie, having a storyline that the audience will not expect from you. Lenore’s (Famke Janssen) husband Stuart (Dougray role in her death was not as surprising, however he was good at masking he’s true nature until the very end. I want give any more details about the movie but do suggest that you watch it if you have not already. Towards the end of the movie I did not want the movie to end and was hoping there would be a taken 4 but it probably will not be as good as this movie.

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The Interview

To start of with I actually enjoyed the interview. I thought it was a decent film, after all the news coverage the film received, it made me want to watch the film. Plus it was starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Having seen most of their movies I knew it would be pretty funny.

I love how the film opened up with Eminem, had no idea he was going to be in it and found him hilarious. Anyways I would probably rate the movie 7.5 out of 10. Reasons was although the movie was pretty funny I did find that the movie was a bit long. Although I did laugh at most part of the movie, there were scenes I would just sit and think how long has the movie been and is it going to end anytime soon?

I will suggests that you go ahead and watch the film and give me your feedback.

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