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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 10 Review

In this week episode which also happens to be the season finale ends with a cliffhanger. In last weeks episode Liam (Jack Turner) who was Kirsten’s (Emma Ishta) ex boyfriend was shot. This week episode was to find out who killed Liam and how he knew Kirsten’s father.

While Kirsten and Camille are saddened by Liam’s death. Camille (Allison Scagliotti) seems to have hard time getting over Liam’s death as she feels that it is her fault he is dead and she could have warned him of the dangers in being associated with Kirsten’s father.

While Kirsten’s stitches into Liam, she finds out that he is not who he appears to be and has been working for her father the whole time. She knows that the only way to find some answers is by asking her dad. But first she’ll have to find her father by any means possible.

As Kirsten finally believes she has caught her father he disappears without a trace. Ivy (Sarah Davenport) who is Kirsten’s half sister informs Kirsten that her mother is still alive. This leads Kirsten into a dark path to find out where her mother has gone into hiding.

Kirsten and Camille find out where her mother has been for the past fifteen years. However instead of finding her mother they find Dr Curry who dies shortly. Kirsten and her team stitch into Dr Curry to find out who killed him and what he knows about her mother. While Kirsten is in the stitch the anomaly which is Cameron (Kyle Harris) as a kid turns up, he asks her if she’s “ready to see” her mother. Kirsten and anomaly Cameron disappear from Dr Curry’s stitch and have stitched into a previous memory of Kirsten.

The episode ends with Cameron trying to get Kirsten to bounce out of the stitch. This has left us to wonder what will happen to Kirsten? Is Cameron able to save her, or will she stay in the stitch forever? I guess it wouldn’t be a season finally without a cliffhanger, last season we were left to wonder if Cameron has survived or not.

On a different note I am curious to find out what the relationship between Camille and Fisher will be like next year they seem to have some hidden chemistry. Hopefully this will be explored in season 3 this doesn’t mean I don’t want her to end up with Linus.

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Quantico Review Season 1 episode 11 Review

I’ve been meaning to review this show for some time now. This is by far one of my favourite 2015 new T.V show. One thing I love about this show is that everyone is suspect until proven innocent.

Following on from last week’s episode I had thought that Elias Harper was the bomber and the mastermind to framing Alex for the terrorist attack that occurred in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal. This is because we’ve been told that the bomber may either be an ex FBI recruit or an FBI agent who is framing Alex for the terrorist attacks.

During this week’s episode we found out that Elias is not the person that is framing Alex, however he did admit to kidnapping and drugging Alex. Elias claims that he was forcing into doing this and thought that Alex would only be framed for an attempted bombing attack and did not think it would actually go off.

 This does make us question who is actually framing Alex. Unfortunately we are not going to get many answers from Elias as he threw himself out of the window and is now presumed dead.

After searching for the second bomb that Alex has been stating that it exists, they finally manage to disarm the bomb and everyone appears to be happy thinking that everything is okay. Simon Asher lets go of the hand held bomb trigger, where the second bomb goes off at the FBI headquarters.

The last scene of the winter finale is making Caleb look very suspicious. Why does he want the biggest safe deposit boxes? During an argument Shelby told Caleb that he is willing to blow things up just to get people to see he’s truth. Is this a clue hinting that Caleb is a terrorist?

Here are a few questions that I hope we will find out when Quantico returns for the second half of the season.

  • Who is framing Alex?
  • Who else knew about Simon fake bomb threat?
  • Is Caleb the bomber?
  • Were Liam and Alex in some type of relationship?
  • Do Ryan and Alex ever get back together?
  • Who was in the FBI headquarters?
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