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Guilt Season 1 Episode 2 Review

So far Guilt seems like a promising new show, it is based on the murder trial of Amanda Knox. Fans will finally find out who the killer is on episode 10 which is also the season finale episode.

While I want to believe that Grace is innocent they are evidence that suggest otherwise. For instance the “travel vlog” video shows Grace (Daisy Head) attacking Molly (Rebekah Wainwright). The person blackmailing Grace on her attacking Molly appears to be one of hers and Molly friend that edits their video. Stan (Billy Zane) goes to meet the friend and threatens to expose her secret to her parents, if she tries to publish the video.

Although we may not know who the killer is, episode two has provided us with more suspects. Top on the list would be Molly’s stepfather James (Anthony Head). After confessing to Natalie (Emily Tremaine) about he’s affair with Molly. James could be the killer as he could possibly be the father to Molly’s unborn child and would want her dead as he would not want Grace to know he’s dirty little secret. It is suspicious how badly James wants Stan to retrieve Molly missing phone.

Another suspect is Roz (Simona Brown) who happens to be Molly’s and Grace’s roommates. We found out that Roz was the one to introduce Molly to the sex club. Maybe Molly’s involvement in the sex club is what got her killed. Later on in the episode we find out that Roz has Molly’s phone and is going through her pictures. Now the big question is if Roz isn’t Molly’s killer then why does she have Molly’s phone?

As all of this is occurring Molly’s brother Patrick (Kevin Ryan) is attempting to find he’s sister’s killer. He believes that Molly’s teacher maybe responsible for her death. After tracking him down he proceeds to beat him up and get him to tell him the truth, while the teacher’s wife appears holding a gun and asks him who he is. The wife then shoots her husband and we are left with a cliffhanger as to what happens to Patrick.

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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 10 Review

In this week episode which also happens to be the season finale ends with a cliffhanger. In last weeks episode Liam (Jack Turner) who was Kirsten’s (Emma Ishta) ex boyfriend was shot. This week episode was to find out who killed Liam and how he knew Kirsten’s father.

While Kirsten and Camille are saddened by Liam’s death. Camille (Allison Scagliotti) seems to have hard time getting over Liam’s death as she feels that it is her fault he is dead and she could have warned him of the dangers in being associated with Kirsten’s father.

While Kirsten’s stitches into Liam, she finds out that he is not who he appears to be and has been working for her father the whole time. She knows that the only way to find some answers is by asking her dad. But first she’ll have to find her father by any means possible.

As Kirsten finally believes she has caught her father he disappears without a trace. Ivy (Sarah Davenport) who is Kirsten’s half sister informs Kirsten that her mother is still alive. This leads Kirsten into a dark path to find out where her mother has gone into hiding.

Kirsten and Camille find out where her mother has been for the past fifteen years. However instead of finding her mother they find Dr Curry who dies shortly. Kirsten and her team stitch into Dr Curry to find out who killed him and what he knows about her mother. While Kirsten is in the stitch the anomaly which is Cameron (Kyle Harris) as a kid turns up, he asks her if she’s “ready to see” her mother. Kirsten and anomaly Cameron disappear from Dr Curry’s stitch and have stitched into a previous memory of Kirsten.

The episode ends with Cameron trying to get Kirsten to bounce out of the stitch. This has left us to wonder what will happen to Kirsten? Is Cameron able to save her, or will she stay in the stitch forever? I guess it wouldn’t be a season finally without a cliffhanger, last season we were left to wonder if Cameron has survived or not.

On a different note I am curious to find out what the relationship between Camille and Fisher will be like next year they seem to have some hidden chemistry. Hopefully this will be explored in season 3 this doesn’t mean I don’t want her to end up with Linus.

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The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 Episode 10 Review

The Mysteries of Laura is one of my favourite detective shows. The show is about a NYPD homicide detective who has to work with her ex-husband who in the first season was her captain. However in the second season he’s now working as a detective who happens to be Laura partner. While the show is great I can’t help but miss ‘Will and Grace’ (inserts sad face).

While Laura is trying to find out who killed a perfume mogul in this week’s episode, she is still having a hard time in deciding if she either wants to be with Tony or Jake her ex-husband. While Tony is a great guy she still has unresolved feelings for Jake. Jake still has feelings for Laura, and has changed in hopes to get Laura back. When Billy accidentally slips and informs him that Laura has told their children that she is in a relationship with Tony he is hurt and now wants to concentrate on he’s career.

The murder suspect so far points to John Dunham who is the son of the perfume mogul; however Laura does not believe he is the murderer even though some of the evidence does point to him. The episode ends with John breaking into Laura’s house and is holding her at gunpoint. We are left wondering what will happen to her next week.

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Recovery Road Season 1 Episode 1 Review

So I’m just a sucker when it comes to new TV shows. The trailer looked really promising, I love that the series is slightly dark.

Show seems to be pretty promising so far, it is very rare to see a series on TV based on teenagers who are facing either a Drug or alcohol addiction. Maddie seems to have a lot of issues that she isn’t ready to face yet. Clearly Maddie hasn’t come to terms with her father dying due to a drunk driver; this could explain why she is using drugs and alcohol.

Maddie appears to be a manipulator; she is used to getting her own way and is willing to lie so that she doesn’t have to face the consequences. The first half of the episode Maddie is in denial about her addiction and claims that she doesn’t need any help. She almost got kicked out of the rehabilitation centre when she sneaked out of the centre with Wes, they ended up getting caught. Luckily Craig decided that he would give her another chance.

This may have been an eye opener for Maddie as she ends up admitting that she does have a problem and is now willing to seek the help that she needs.

The show has a great storyline so far, you can really sympathies with Maddie. However only time will tell how great the show will become. I’m loving the cast members as well It has Daniel Franzese who was in ‘Mean Girls’, Kyla Pratt and Sharon Leal.


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Quantico Review Season 1 episode 11 Review

I’ve been meaning to review this show for some time now. This is by far one of my favourite 2015 new T.V show. One thing I love about this show is that everyone is suspect until proven innocent.

Following on from last week’s episode I had thought that Elias Harper was the bomber and the mastermind to framing Alex for the terrorist attack that occurred in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal. This is because we’ve been told that the bomber may either be an ex FBI recruit or an FBI agent who is framing Alex for the terrorist attacks.

During this week’s episode we found out that Elias is not the person that is framing Alex, however he did admit to kidnapping and drugging Alex. Elias claims that he was forcing into doing this and thought that Alex would only be framed for an attempted bombing attack and did not think it would actually go off.

 This does make us question who is actually framing Alex. Unfortunately we are not going to get many answers from Elias as he threw himself out of the window and is now presumed dead.

After searching for the second bomb that Alex has been stating that it exists, they finally manage to disarm the bomb and everyone appears to be happy thinking that everything is okay. Simon Asher lets go of the hand held bomb trigger, where the second bomb goes off at the FBI headquarters.

The last scene of the winter finale is making Caleb look very suspicious. Why does he want the biggest safe deposit boxes? During an argument Shelby told Caleb that he is willing to blow things up just to get people to see he’s truth. Is this a clue hinting that Caleb is a terrorist?

Here are a few questions that I hope we will find out when Quantico returns for the second half of the season.

  • Who is framing Alex?
  • Who else knew about Simon fake bomb threat?
  • Is Caleb the bomber?
  • Were Liam and Alex in some type of relationship?
  • Do Ryan and Alex ever get back together?
  • Who was in the FBI headquarters?
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Scorpion Season 2 episode 1 Review

 After months of waiting, I am super exited to see that Scorpion has finally returned to our screens. Now all that we are left is wondering what is going on between Paige and Walter. My favourite scene was probably when Walter asked Paige to send the space coordinates to his laptop, and she accidentally sent it to the laptop that had the hospital footage of her kissing him while he was unconscious in the hospital (Awkward much!!). Is it me or was this episode filled with sexual tension.
 In this episode the team is faced with a nuclear crisis, where the team are rushing to save millions of people before it is too late. This episode also marks the first that we see the vulnerable side of Walter. Usually he is somewhat calm and collected, but in this episode he doesn’t want to let his team down. We also find out why Happy does not want to be with Toby.I only hope that they can sort out their issues and we see some romance being bloomed,

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Big eyes review 

The movie is based around the late 1950s and 1960s and was directed by Tim Burton. DeeAnn (Ritter) Margaret (Adams) best friend is funny yet sophisticated. The movie is about Margaret Keene (Adams) who is an artist and draws paintings and portrait with big eyes who’s husband (Waltz) ends up claiming that her painting is he’s. Her husband in the movie is extremely selfish, easily angered, aggressive and pushes her in the sidelines. I think that the movie did really well in helping the viewers see what the late 1950s and 1960s looked like.

I felt a lot of sympathy for Margaret in the movie as she really did love her husband and believed that he had her best interest at heart. Instead he lied and pretend that Margaret’s work was he’s own. What I enjoyed most about the movie is that Margaret did not give up and ended up confronting Walter with the help of her daughter Jane and admitted that the ‘big eyes’ art work was really her own. Although it was a hard thing for her to do she came clean.

I would rate the movie a 7.5/ 10.

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Devious maids season 3 episode 2 review

Really happy to see that devious maids is back, just hope that the show continues to be successful and does not get cancelled. Last weeks episode was really shocking and weird especially with the additions of the new characters, us fans really do not know what to expect. Those that are glee fans would probably love this season as we see the arrival of Naya Rivera.

So I will give you guys a quick summary of last weeks episode, we found out that Zoila (Judy Reyes) is pregnant but there is a twist. Turns out that the baby daddy is not Javier who is her boyfriend, but her ex-husband Pablo. After she found out the truth Zoila decides to tell Javier she is pregnant but has left him to believe that he is the father of her baby. Something else that happened in the episode that left me shocked, was that Rosie’s husband has become a porn star. Spence reasoning for the change of profession was that he couldn’t find any acting jobs and he isn’t having actual sex with he’s co star. Still shocking such a drastic move from an ex soap opera.

This season does seem more creepy this is because of the Stappord’s adopted daughter. She’s an odd one so far she hasn’t talked to anyone apart from her new maid, and the episode ended with a lot of blood and we see her smiling (creepy much).

This weeks episode seems slightly drama free. Valentina announces that her and Remi are engaged, however Zoila does not seem so happy about the news. She thinks that she’s too young as she’s only 20, and Zoila thinks that her and Remi are rushing into marriage to quickly. Javier proposes to Zoila which leads Zoila to have a change of heart as she wants Valentina to support her marrying Javier and being pregnant. Valentina’s upset about the news thinking that it is too soon, as Pablo (her dad) hasn’t been dead for that long.

We still however do not know what happened at the Stappord’s house as Taylor did not tell Blanca the truth as to why her living room was bloody. Blanca decides that she no longer wants to be their maid as she finds out that Taylor lied about there being an intruder. Marisol however convinces her that if her employer is asking too much of her then she is allowed to ask for something in return. Which in her case was a scholarship.

The season so far looks promising however it seems much darker compared to the last two season.

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50 Shades of Grey

50 shade of grey was one of the most anticipated movie of 2015, so when Valentine’s day arrived me and my friend decided we would watch the movie. I can honestly say that I was disappointed with the movie. This could have been due to the fact that I had not read the book prior to me watching the movie. I would  rate the movie a 5/10.

IMG_6800To begin with I did not think that the movie needed to be two hours long. There were scenes in the movie that was not really needed. The first scene that comes to mind would be the Rita Ora scene, Rita Ora character was only there for a few seconds that you could not fully recognise her, nor could you understand her either. The scene seemed pretty pointless and did not really relate with the plot.

Another pointless scene would be when Anna went home to visit her mum and Christian came to speak to her seeing as she would not return his phone call. It just did not feel like it was needed. The other scene alone would have probably been enough. Another thing that I was disappointed was the lack of BDSM that was shown in the movie. Now I’m not saying that I wanted to have seen the BDSM, but maybe if it was implied it would have been better. Christian seemed more controlling than anything, and the only time we saw the act of BDSM was right at the end, when Anna leaves him. I can honestly say that the ending annoyed me, and was even more annoyed when I heard there was going to be a second movie. I do not think I will be watching the second movie.

One of the few things that I did like would have to be that the sex scenes was not fully explicit. We were only shown one sex scene which was great. Over all the storyline was great. Just a really long movie as me and my friend ended up finding ways to fall asleep. However I asked my other friend who watched the movie who thought that it was ok and was pretty much like the book if you have read it.

To end with I think I had way too much expectations which left me disappointed.

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Eye candy (hbtu) episode


Eye candy is surprisingly a good show. I did not think it would be as good as it as the main character was Victoria Justice and this is not something that she has done so far. As i also watch the show stalker which is a CBS show I thought that they were both pretty similar. I would distinguish between the two saying while ‘Stalker’ is more of a grown up show as it focus on adults. Eye candy is something for the ages of 19 and over, its much more focused on a younger adult as it has a slight college feel with the party scene and drinking.

So this week episode was interesting to say the least, finally Lindy (Victoria Justice) and Tommy (Casey Deidrick) seem to be getting along, however I have a suspicion that Tommy is developing feelings for Lindy. That has got to be awkward considering that Ben, Lindy ex boyfriend, who she kind of got back with (their relationship was complicated) who is now deceased is Tommy’s best friend ( talk about drama). We also get to see another side of Lindy in this episode.

Gone is the heartbroken girl and replaced with someone who is angry and can fight. Connor ( John Garet Stoker) appears to be the person that Lindy is pissed of at. IMG_6717

While at risk of losing he’s job if he does not hand in a story that meets he’s boss requirements. Connor decides to write about the murders that have been happening. It is safe to say that everyone is pissed off at Connor, I wonder if Sophia or Lindy will forgive Connor considering that he is not apologetic for what he has done.

One character that I found entertaining was George, it was nice to finally see him away from the computer, not only did he help Lindy break into one of the victims apartment, but who knew he could also dance.

One thing that I love about the show is that just whenever you think that the suspect is the actual killer your wrong, which make me keep watching the show to find out who the person actually is. Just when it seems as though Jake has drugged Lindy it turns out he is actually innocent.

So far it looks like a good show, but who knows.

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