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Recovery Road Season 1 Episode 1 Review

So I’m just a sucker when it comes to new TV shows. The trailer looked really promising, I love that the series is slightly dark.

Show seems to be pretty promising so far, it is very rare to see a series on TV based on teenagers who are facing either a Drug or alcohol addiction. Maddie seems to have a lot of issues that she isn’t ready to face yet. Clearly Maddie hasn’t come to terms with her father dying due to a drunk driver; this could explain why she is using drugs and alcohol.

Maddie appears to be a manipulator; she is used to getting her own way and is willing to lie so that she doesn’t have to face the consequences. The first half of the episode Maddie is in denial about her addiction and claims that she doesn’t need any help. She almost got kicked out of the rehabilitation centre when she sneaked out of the centre with Wes, they ended up getting caught. Luckily Craig decided that he would give her another chance.

This may have been an eye opener for Maddie as she ends up admitting that she does have a problem and is now willing to seek the help that she needs.

The show has a great storyline so far, you can really sympathies with Maddie. However only time will tell how great the show will become. I’m loving the cast members as well It has Daniel Franzese who was in ‘Mean Girls’, Kyla Pratt and Sharon Leal.


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