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Scorpion Season 2 episode 1 Review

 After months of waiting, I am super exited to see that Scorpion has finally returned to our screens. Now all that we are left is wondering what is going on between Paige and Walter. My favourite scene was probably when Walter asked Paige to send the space coordinates to his laptop, and she accidentally sent it to the laptop that had the hospital footage of her kissing him while he was unconscious in the hospital (Awkward much!!). Is it me or was this episode filled with sexual tension.
 In this episode the team is faced with a nuclear crisis, where the team are rushing to save millions of people before it is too late. This episode also marks the first that we see the vulnerable side of Walter. Usually he is somewhat calm and collected, but in this episode he doesn’t want to let his team down. We also find out why Happy does not want to be with Toby.I only hope that they can sort out their issues and we see some romance being bloomed,

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