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Taken 3 

Glad to see that the story line for this movie does not involve Bryan (Liam Neeson) ex-wife and daughter being kidnapped. The movie was a bit sad as it focused on Bryan trying to prove he’s innocence in he’s wife death. When I had originally heard there was going to be a taken 3, I thought why would they do that the second one was not as great as the first one. The third instalment is going to be crap.

However I was pleasantly surprised, it was way better than the second movie. I would give this movie a 8.5/10. Love the action pack going on and the storyline which showcased Bryan trying to find out he’s wife killer and Kim (Maggie Grace) finding out that she is pregnant. I was showed that the ex wife would end up dying which is something that I like in a movie, having a storyline that the audience will not expect from you. Lenore’s (Famke Janssen) husband Stuart (Dougray role in her death was not as surprising, however he was good at masking he’s true nature until the very end. I want give any more details about the movie but do suggest that you watch it if you have not already. Towards the end of the movie I did not want the movie to end and was hoping there would be a taken 4 but it probably will not be as good as this movie.

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